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Growing and processing of Matcha
The processing of Tencha to Matcha Cutting --> Wind blown sorting --> Sifting --> DryingElectrostatic cleansing --> Blending --> Stone grinding --> Perfection 1. The raw dried Tencha leaves are cut into a uniform size. 2. Most of the stalks and veins are removed by fanning. 3. The remains are sifted and cut to even length and then dried again to increase the aroma peculiar to Tencha. 4. An electrostatic process removes leftover parts of older leaves, stalks and veins. 5. The quality and distinctive features of each tea are discerned from the appearance, flavour, aroma, and colour of the processed leaves. 6. In order to make consistent and well-balanced products, different kinds of Tencha are blended according to their properties to maintain the quality and character of any named tea. The appropriately blended Tencha is then ready for grinding. 7. The Tencha leaves are thoroughly ground by stone mills into a fine powder. Only the best stone mills can grind green tea leaves into the micron fineness necessary to bring out the refined fragrance and flavour. Quelle: Marukyu-Koyamaen, Japan